TEAM July 22-26 Indoor 5 Full Days Rock Stars and All Stars

Instructor(s): Molly Mitchell, Bobby Taft-Pittman

Full-Day Indoor Climbing Camps (9:00 - 3:30)


Defy Gravity Week

Bobby and Molly will be hosting this special camp for our All Stars, Rock stars and more advance climbers. Climbers will build the confidence to defy gravity in this inspiring week of fun and challenge. The kids will learn new tricks and techniques to tackle hurdles with fluidity and control. Games and activities will focus on body awareness, balance, and footwork. Climbers will get to work together as a team, laugh and leap their way through obstacle course, and experience everything else that makes our camps great.


7-19 years old, designed specifically for our All Stars, Rock Stars and more advanced climbers

Price: Indoor 5 Full-Days   $ 395