Runners 20 - 36 months-D'Ann Owens T-10


These are 45 minute, parent/child classes, 1 time per week. 

Every class is a high energy class that is broken down into segments designed to help your child learn to achieve in every area of their little lives. While learning to listen and follow directions, they will also achieve physical, social, emotional, cognitive, and perceptual skills, as well as fine and gross motor skill development. Every segment of our class is beneficial in lots of ways for your child…besides it’s just plain fun!!!


Every class consists of:

  1. Hello Circle – we use music to get to know our friends
  2. Get Going – we get our muscles warmed up for the rest of our class
  3. Group Fun – we use small equipment (parachute, bean bags, hoops, etc) to help us learn to work together
  4. Gym Time – we introduce the child to basic gymnastics: tumbling, bars, beam
  5. Pit Time – we spend a few minutes playing in the foam pit (free time, but still a benefit)
  6. Ball Time – we explore a new ball handling skill every week AND learn to share with our friends
  7. Bubble Time – we have a new bubble challenge each week, “can you catch a bubble on your toe?”
  8. Goodbye Circle – we use music to say goodbye to our friends until next week!!