MLC - Private Coaching - Rotating MLC girls

Level: Level 3


Private Coaching - Rotating

Term Fees: $463.63 + GST = $510.00

For many students a Private Coaching offers excellent benefits through an individualised program.  Our expert tutors work closely with students to identify key areas of improvement and work together towards the student’s goals.  The class combines:

It is a great way to develop strength in performance and communication skills and is designed to cater to the student’s interest and needs.  These lessons are an excellent support to core curriculum tasks such as oral presentations and essay writing, debating activities, or as a fun after-school activity.

Private Coaching - Rotating is available throughout the school day and is only available to MLC students.  The Rotating timetable is where your daughter will have her ACA lesson at a different time slot each week and will be picked up by the tutor at that time.  This is designed to ensure your daughter does not miss the same school class each week.  At the beginning of term the tutor will give your daughter a timetable setting out the varied lesson times.  However, your daughter will have the same teacher each week.

This course is most suitable for students interested in participating in eisteddfods and exams.