ACTL Diploma Seminar

Level: Level 3


Term Fees: $1,316.30 + GST = $1,447.16

Professional Qualifications

From Year 9 students can begin working towards a professional qualification in Speech & Drama, Communication Skills, Performance, and Teaching.

If your child has professional aspirations and would like to pursue a career as a performer, Speech & Drama teacher, or a Diploma in Business Communication Skills, this is available through the Acting & Communication Academy’s bespoke professional training programs.

One of the great benefits of students who choose this option and successfully complete the Diploma in Teaching Qualifications during their senior years is that they are able to seek employment in a wide range of private schools as Speech & Drama tutors and public speaking and performance coaches.

The Associate of Trinity College London teaching Speech and Drama or Effective Communication Diploma allows student to gain valuable skills in teaching, tertiary qualifications and opens wonderful employment opportunities.

Take your love for performance to new heights with the Acting and Communication Academy Diploma Program. Students with a passionate interest in acting, public speaking, speech and drama and performance are encouraged to take up this unique opportunity to gain a deeper appreciation and knowledge of the arts.

The Diploma program is available to students from Year 9 who wish to take their learning to the next level, to begin engaging in all that our program can offer. It prepares students for the application of knowledge required to complete the ATCL Diploma at an accelerated level. Students will continue through their intermediate and advanced Trinity College London examinations as they prepare for their ATCL Diploma in the area they are most passionate about.

Acting and Communication Academy is provider for a wide range of innovative courses and an extensive Diploma program, recognised worldwide. This course is particularly exciting as we are one of only a few providers in the Asia Pacific able to offer Diplomas at an accelerated level for Performing Arts Students under the age of 18.

Diplomas can be undertaken in a wide variety of specialist areas including:

There are numerous benefits in completing the ATCL Diploma that can be amplified both during school and beyond.  Students can incorporate their training modules for the Duke of Edinburgh certificate and even CAS requirements for IB students.

Many of our students have also acquired bonus points their university entries at UTS, UNSW and USYD.  Other students of ours have used their skills and qualification to gain scholarships at international colleges, or universities such as UCLA and Trinity Guildhall in London.

Diploma in Performing (Acting or Public Speaking)

The program includes a weekly seminar plus an individual or small group class, observation hours, and regular Masterclasses.  The diploma course provides an outstanding opportunity for dedicated individuals who already have performance skills, are keen to be challenged by all that Performing Arts can offer and who are highly motivated participants.