Twisters (Age 5, Girls, Eval Req., Wed545PM)

Level: Preschool - Twisters

"Twisters": Advanced Preschool. Requires evaluation/selection by AGA staff. 85min class, ages 4-5yo Girls only.

AGA's "Twister" class places a significant focus on the basic skills your child will need in order to successfully progress into either the recreational, or potentially the team, programs at AGA. Your child will leave this class with a full understanding of basic gymnastics skills, apparatus, terminology, and safety measures that need to be taken to properly execute the gymnastics skills required for continued success in the sport.  Students get to enjoy the comfortable size and familiarity of the "Giants" class, plus try some of the “big kid” equipment on for size! This class gives your child the opportunity to really flourish physically and mentally. Enrollment in the Twisters class is based on instructor evaluation. Please see your child’s coach or the Pre-School program director for additional information.