Mon 6:50 Parkour 9-12 (Inactive)


Price: $148 for 8 weeks of classes (coming once a week for 1 hour). 

$30 membership fee/per family (good for a year to the month you register/join in). 

Parkour: Parkour is an all new sport inspired by gymnastics and the American Ninja Warrior TV series. Parkour embodies discipline, focused energy, strength, speed and skill. It is perfect for any child regardless of weight or size. We love parkour for that reason - it is an outstanding physical activity with no limits as to what children can accomplish. Our Parkour classes are taught in a specific sequence where children must learn the basics before learning more difficult skills. Our classes are divided in to Level 1 (Green), Level 2 (Orange) and Level 3 (Red). Your child will wear the wrist band of their level. Each color signifies what skills they are safe to perform in class and in our open gym time.

Aerials Parkour instructors are WWPF certified