5+Yrs Gymnastics II (Thu 4:30)

Instructor(s): Arthur Valverde

Level: Level 2

Ages: 5 - 12 Years
Length: 55 Minutes
Skill Level: Intermediate
Description: Our recreational gymnastic classes are non-competitive classes where children learn skills based on the 4 Olympic events; Beam, Bars, Floor, and Vault. Skills such as releve walks, arabesque, and split jumps are taught on beam. Bar skills include pullover, cast and back hip circles. Finally, floor and vault skills include forward rolls, dive rolls, and handstand flatbacks.

Forward/Backward Tuck Roll
Forward/Backward Straddle Roll
Forward/Backward Pike Roll
Climbing Handstand
Handstand Roll
Kick Up To Handstand
Handstand (2 Count)
Straight Arm Bridge
Standing Back Bend On Floor
Kick Over On Cheese
Kick Over On Floor
Good Leg Cartwheel
Bad Leg Cartwheel
Lunge Cartwheel
One Arm Cartwheel
Round-Off Rebound
Round-Off Flatback
Power Hurdle Round-Off


Pivot/Half Turns
Forward On Medium Beam
Backward On Medium Beam
Sideways On Medium Beam
Releve Forward/Backward
4-6 Jumps Across Beam
Series Of Straight Jumps
Series Of Tuck Jumps
Leap To 45°
Snap Turn
Arabesque To 15°
Tuck Jump Dismount


Bent Arm Hang (10 Count)
Chin Above Bar (10 Count)
2 Pull Ups
5 Leg Lifts
Cast To 15°
Glide Swing
Push Away Dismount
Front Support


Stick Onto 24” Mat
Dive Roll Onto 24” Mat
Run Speed Increase @ Board
Feet Placement on Board
Hurdle Onto Board