8-10Yrs Tumbling II (Tue 5:30)

Instructor(s): Joshua McCoy

Level: Level 2

8-10yrs (Co-Ed)
55 Minutes
Floor based tumbling skills consisting of:
  1. Bend to Bridge on Floor
  2. Handstand to Bridge on Floor
  3. Kick Over on Floor
  4. Handstand Forward Roll
  5. Dive Roll
  6. Backward Roll on Floor
  7. Cartwheel Step-in
  8. One Arm Cartwheel
  9. Power Hurdle
  10. Round-off
The following skills are required prior to enrollment:
  1. Forward Roll on Floor
  2. Backward Roll Down Cheese
  3. Candlestick Stand up
  4. Handstand (Feet Together)
  5. Bend to Bridge onto Elevated Surface
  6. Handstand to Bridge onto Elevated Surface
  7. Kick Over from Elevated Surface
  8. Cartwheel on Floor