*Water Smart Babies - Level 3 Clownfish

Instructor(s): Angela Ochoa

Level: Swim - Water Smart Baby Level 3 6mo-3yrs (1x wk)

Water Smart Babies - Level 3 Clownfish (Parent Child)

Enroll in this class if your Baby is 6 mo-3yrs and has completed Water Smart Baby Level 2 - Starfish Advancement Skills

The Clownfish class is a parent/child class which teaches independent front and back floats and glides, breath control, propulsive kicking, independence, balance, retrieving objects from the bottom of the pool and jumping in and returning to the wall. These babies are independently moving in the water! The swimmer has an adult in the water with him/her at all times. Swimmers advance to the Water Smart Baby Level 4 Goldfish class after mastering independent body position and propulsive kicking/movement in the water.

Equipment required: Snug fitting cloth reusable swim diaper, goggles encouraged