*Water Smart Babies - Level 2 Starfish

Instructor(s): Jessi Klatt

Level: Swim - Water Smart Baby Level 2 6mo-3yrs (1x wk)

Water Smart Babies - Level 2 Starfish (Parent Child)

Enroll in this class if your Baby is 6 mo-3yrs and has completed Water Smart Baby Level 1- Angelfish Advancement Skills

The Starfish class is a parent/child class which teaches assisted front and back floating, , kicking, submersions, safety skills and swimming body position. These babies are very comfortable in the water! The Infant has an adult in the water with him/her at all times. Swimmers advance to the Water Smart Baby Level 3 Clownfish class after mastering submersions, floats and glides.

Equipment required: Snug fitting cloth reusable swim diaper, goggles encouraged