Level 1/2 Bubbles, Floats & Glides Aug 6-17 Indoor PURPLE WEST (Inactive)


Level: Fast Start Swim Level 1/2 3+ years

Level 1 – Bubbles

Sign up for Level 1 if your swimmer is 5+ years old and is a non-swimmer.

The Bubbles class is for somewhat nervous students or very beginners. This class includes introduction to the basic skills necessary for swimming. We work on gradual water adaptation, movement in the water, breath holding and release, submersions of the face, opening eyes underwater, blowing bubbles, bobbing with bubbles and air exchange. Swimmers gain water confidence, master submerging their face in the water and taking a relaxed breath. Swimmers advance when they achieve 10 relaxed bobs. We also introduce back floats, kicking and we see big SMILES!

Equipment required: Swim Suit & goggles

Level 2 – Floats & Glides

Sign up for Level 2 if your swimmer is 5+ years old and has the ability to place head underwater.


The Floats and Glides class is appropriate for swimmers who are comfortable holding their breath under the water and doing 10 relaxed bobs with air exchange. Swimmers will be taught to front float and recover, front glide and recover, back float and recover, and back glide and recover. Additionally, students will learn to jump in the water, rollover, and float as a safety skill. Swimmers advance when they can front glide and recover for 5 seconds and back glide and recover for 5 seconds.
Equipment required:Suit and goggles