Level 3/4 Kicking, Crawl Stroke Jul 24-Aug 4 Alta Sierra (Inactive)


Level: Fast Start Swim Level 3/4 3+ years

Level 3 – Kicking

Sign up for Level 3 if your swimmer is 5+years old and can do a front float and back float independently

The Kicking class is appropriate for swimmers that know how to comfortably hold their breath and float on their stomach and back independently. Swimmers will be taught porpoising, dolphin kick and will master kicking skills with front/back glide. Swimmers advance when they can kick 15 feet on their front and 15 feet on their back.

Equipment needed: Suit, goggles and fins


Level 4 – Crawl Stroke

Sign up for Level 4 if your swimmer is 5+years old and has mastered Front and Back Float and Kick independently.

The Crawl Stroke class is appropriate for swimmers who have mastered breath control, body position and kicking on their front and back on top of the water. Swimmers will be taught to rollover front to back and back to front, finning and skulling, breathing position for freestyle and the crawl arm stroke. Swimmers will master short front crawl swim and advance by performing side-glide kick 20 feet and crawl stroke 20 feet.
Equipment required: Suit, goggles, swim cap and short fins