Junior Acro 6+ yrs CLOSED

Instructor(s): Max Hernandez

Level: Dance Acro 6+ yrs

Acrobatic dance combines the beauty of dance, the awe of acrobatics, and the power of gymnastics in one exciting sport! *Must have strong gymnastics and dance experience.


We require our dancers to abide by our dress code. Dress codes are important for many reasons. By having our dancers dress the part, the children will feel more like dancers! Dress codes also instill teamwork and help to maintain focus and energy. Students are permitted to wear tutus, for their safety we will ask them to be removed prior to their time in the gym.

The dress code for movin’ & groovin’ is as follows:

Students may wear any comfortable play-appropriate clothing.  Please no denim, zippers, dress ups or dresses. Dance attire is also acceptable. Students will need ballet shoes.

The dress code for ballet and tap is as follows:

For girls: Solid black leotard and pink tights are required.

For boys: Comfortable, play based clothing with shirt tucked in to shorts.  Please no denim or zippers.

The dress code for lyrical, musical theater, contemporary and jazz is as follows:

Solid black leotard.  Tight/form fitting shorts and shirts may be worn, but need to be removable should the instructor see necessary.

Proper foot wear for each class is also required in the following colors: pink ballet shoes, black tap shoes and tan jazz shoes.

The dress code for hip hop is as follows:

Dancers will wear comfortable modest clothing that allows them to move freely and easily. No bare midriffs.  Dancers are required to wear tennis shoes in the dance room and either ballet shoes or gym shoes in the gym.