*3 Year Olds - Preschool Learners Wednesday PM 2020/2021

Instructor(s): Christina Stahl, Cori Campbell

Welcome to The Campus Preschool. We are proud to offer the only movement based educational preschool center in the Central Valley. The Campus Preschool is built upon a strong academic foundation with a unique opportunity to develop those academics with strong physical education. Our philosophy relies heavily on creating academic achievers through our exceptional and unique approach to a child’s learning. Our program offers comprehensive Houghton Mifflin curriculum, significant focus on reading and writing skills, Singaporean math, concentrated early learning education and music/violin. In addition to exceptional academics that far exceed state common core standards; our program is also distinguished by the athletic and artistic programs that have made America’s Kids known within our community. Our preschool curriculum includes sessions in our highly respected specialty swimming and gymnastics programs, as well as a weekly music/violin lesson taught by a highly respected musician. We focus on developing capable young leaders who know how to think independently, have a strong desire to seek knowledge and most importantly, to have fun while learning! We look forward to growing with your child this year. It is true; The Campus Preschool students receive the area’s finest academic and physical education, yet, at America’s Kids your child’s long term happiness and emotional well being will always be first.