Team: Doodlebops

Instructor(s): Marissa Smith, Carla Wingfield

Level: Level 1

What is an Exhibition Team?

USASF created a Pre-Team Exhibition division during the 2017-2018 season. This division was created to introduce children to the fundamentals of cheerleading.  This team will not compete against other teams. They will perform their routine at competition and get comments from the judges.  The USASF limits the routine to 1:30. There are no building skills permitted in the routine (although they will still learn some building skills at practice).  Tumbling skills are limited to forward rolls and cartwheels.

What will they learn?

They will learn all of the basics of cheerleading such as jumps, motions, dance, tumbling and stunts.  Practices will be once per week for one hour.  Tuesdays, 6-7pm.

 What does it cost?

Signup:  $60

Monthly Tuition: $45 per month ($105 total upon joining)

Competition/Uniform Fees: $300 (Installment dates TBD)

Practice Wear:  TBD

Why should your child join the Exhibition Team?

We are thrilled that USASF has added this division. It is a great way for our young athletes to gain knowledge of the sport of cheerleading while also learning valuable lessons in teamwork. We are confident that this team will provide a great foundation for their future cheerleading interest!

For registration and additional information, please email