REC Level 3 (Inactive)

Level: Level 3

Ages: 5+ Years

Duration: 90 Minutes





Our goal at Arizona Dynamics is to provide your child with a class that is not only enjoyable, but a class that is structured and well thought out. That’s why we require that all Dynamics coaches go through an extensive 40 hour training process and that they become certified after 90 days. We also conduct clinics that help our coaches gain new ideas and drills that keep their classes interesting and progressing!


At Arizona Dynamics, we require that all of our Level 3 athletes attend class 2 times per week. This is to ensure that the athlete can progress at a suitable pace while still learning the correct technique and form of each skill. Our Level 3 class is for the intermediate student who currently possesses all Level 2 skills on her own, consistently. These athletes begin to work skills that require advanced coordination, balance, and strength. A few of these skills would include back handsprings on the floor and handstands and dismounts on the high beam! We strive to make this class not only challenging, but exciting and rewarding!