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Welcome to the BIG Family!

*Please note that there is a $44.00 annual registration fee applied to your bill if you have not been here in over a year or if you are a new family or if it is your registration anniversary date.  This applies for every child in your family.


*Please note that there is a uniform requirement for all Ninja classes.  The uniform shirt is available for purchase in the BIG office and is $18.00 per shirt.


*VISA and/or MasterCard are only forms of payment accepted online.

*** BIG is now on a year-round program with no long-term commitments!  You may enroll and un-enroll at any time via the parent portal or in the BIG office!  With monthly enrollment you will be asked to put a credit card on file to save your child’s spot in class as they roll over month to month.  Once a child is enrolled, you do not need to re-register them every month, they remain enrolled (saving their spot in the same class, day and time) until such time you wish to un-enroll.  Tuition will be automatically charged on the 1st of every month.  To un-enroll or if you wish to pay by other means you must submit written notification via email to biggirlsteam@yahoo.com and we will send a confirmation back within 48 hours.  You must send notice 7 days prior to the charge date to avoid the automatic charge.  Tuition is prorated in weekly increments and based on a 51-week year with 1 week break in Winter!  No class days (holidays) and missed class days can be reschedule as a make-up (this excludes winter break).  If you have any questions, please see of FAQ’s sheet or call the office at 630.323.6244.***