Parent/Toddler Tumbling--Age 18 months-3 years--Monday

Instructor(s): Kelli Keener

Level: Parent/Toddler Tumbling

This structured class is the perfect starting place for two-year-olds who love to stomp, run, and roll!  Caregivers move hand-in-hand with their twos as they begin to explore new gymnastics skills and practice their 'ta-da's' through weekly themes and specially designed stations.  We'll work in plenty of snuggles too!  Our staff is trained and experienced professionals that understand the importance of safety and supporting your child as they grow. 

Toddlers will work on skills like: 



Monthly Billing: Tuition for reach class is $19.  On the 1st of each month, you will be charged for all of the classes your child will take in that month.  Since tuition is calculated per class, your bill may show a different price each month due to the number of class days in that particular month.  (Ex.  Your child attends class on Mondays.  March of 2019 has four Mondays so your bill reads $76.  April of 2019 has five Mondays, so your bill is $95).  There are no contracts or annual fees. 

Make-Up Policy: Each month we will accommodate ONE missed class in the form of ONE hour-long open gym session.  Please email when your child is absent from a class to receive an open gym promo code.  You will be able to use the promo code in the month you were absent and the next month before it expires. 

Ending Enrollments:  If you decide to end your child's enrollment, please send an email to two weeks before the first of the month that you do not want to participate in.