Parkour--Level 1--Thursday

Instructor(s): Matt Levesque

Level: Parkour--Level 1

This is an obstacle course focused class that develops strength, motor skills, balance, agility, and confidence all while having FUN!! This is a high energy course that is designed to challenge students to tap into their inner Ninja!  Our staff is trained and experienced professionals that understand the importance of safety and supporting your child as they move through each level. 

Skills worked on in Level 1: 


Price: Each class is $19


Billing Process: All classes will be billed the first of the month.  Participants will be charged for the number of classes that they have in that particular month.


All classes auto renew into the next month.  If a participant needs to drop a class, they must write an email to two weeks before the first of the month. There are no refunds after billing has been processed.


There are no contracts or annual fees.