Level 4 Wednesday 4:00

Skills for level 3;

Vault: Run to board hits, run to straight jumps, heel drive drills, handstand to flat back drills, handstand body shapes, handstand flat back vault.

Bars: pullover, front hip circle, cast to back hip circle, squat on, mill circles, underswing dismount, tap swings on high bars, kip drills.

Beam: Cartwheels, handstands on low and high beam, high beam walks, jumps, runs, side handstand dismount

Floor:handstand forward roll with straight arms, handstands holds, round off, back walk over, front walk over, straight arm back roll to pushup position, back handspring drills, jump drills

Body shapes: Hollow, plank, candle, arches, straight legs, straight arms, pointed toes, pikes, straddles, tucks, push ups, leg lunges, sit ups, hollow rock and reverse hollow rocks.