Level 4: Monday 4:00:

Skills for level 4;

Vault: board hits, run jumps, heel drive drills, handstand to flat back drills, handstand body shapes, handstand flat back vault, front handspring drills, front handspring into pit.

Bars: pullover, front hip circle, cast to horizontal, cast to back hip circle, squat on jump to high bar, tap swings on high bar, underswing dismount, kips.

Beam: Cartwheels, handstands on low and high beam, high beam walks, jumps, runs, cartwheel to side handstand 1/4 turn dismount, back walkovers on low and high beam, round off dismount, front handspring dismount, front tuck dismount.

Floor: Handstand forward roll with straight arms, handstands holds, handstand walks, round off, back walk over, front walk over, straight arm back roll, back extension, standing back handspring, round off back handspring, front handspring.

Body shapes: Hollow, plank, candle, arches, straight legs, straight arms, pointed toes, pikes, straddles, tucks, push ups, leg lunges, sit ups, hollow rock and reverse hollow rocks.