Spring #1 - Level 2 Adv - Recreational Gymnastics (Ages 8 & Up)

Instructor(s): Allison Roynon

Level: Beginner

This class is a progression from Level 2 as they meet their skill tree goals.

*By Invitation ONLY*



Tumbling is a common term which gets confused with gymnastics. Tumbling and gymnastics both use one’s body to perform movements. Gymnastics classes in this facility use apparatus (bars, balance beam, rings, etc.). Tumbling does not…though you can technically tumble on a beam! Tumbling can often use mats or other extras, like trampolines. Tumbling is performing gymnastics floor skills, often linked skills, on the ground or other surfaces.



**In order to actively participate in this class, your Yearly Registration Fee of $35 must be paid & current. This is an annual membership fee. If your tuition is not paid in FULL upon the arrival of your athlete's first class of the session, their spot will NOT be reserved and they will not be permitted to participate in class. The cost for this class is $130.00 for a 6 week session, and a $5.00 discount will be applied if payment is made in house by cash/check. You are more than welcome to register your athlete at ANY WEEK OF THE SESSION, as your session fee will be pro-rated accordingly.**