Cub Club: Cub & Caregiver: 1.5-3yrs

Instructor(s): Jaina Houston

Level: Preschool

Cub and Caregiver (ages 1.5-3 yrs.) is for the toddler who still needs a caregiver’s assistance but is prepared for a fully structured class. This 45-minute class starts with an active play-based warm up. We play on a large obstacle course designed specifically for younger children and then rotate through events that include: trampolines, bars, balance beam, and more. This class offers important opportunities to develop fine and gross motor skills, body awareness, and coordination. Basic gymnastics, combined with an emphasis on important social skills, create a fun and healthy atmosphere for little bodies that are capable and ready to learn!

Billing Policies:
Price listed is CATS monthly tuition rate. Customers may choose to enroll in our Monthly Autopay program or Session Pay in Full. All customers are required to commit until the end of the session at the time of enrollment. Sessions are 8 or 12 weeks. Any customer enrolling mid-session will have their tuition prorated. Please see our website for more detailed session information.