Waddlers (Inactive)

Level: GymKids - Waddlers I & II

1-3 Year Olds - $75/month - During this time of discovery, your child will develop gross motor function, spatial awareness and hand-eye coordination in a fun, positive environment. Waddlers will learn basic positions, rolls, jumps and more. These little waddlers will be well on their way in the world of gymnastics and tumbling with this beginner’s class! This class will provide parents with instruction on how to engage their children in basic gymnastics skills designed to enhance your child’s motor, listening, and social skills through fun gymnastics oriented activities. We offer child size equipment to provide ease of use and confidence for our itty bitty kids. The children will learn valuable socialization skills, independence, and how to take turns which will improve developing attention spans. The gymnastics instruction will be age appropriate and assist the children in eye-hand coordination as well as flexibility and strength. In addition to the development of fine and gross motor skills, this is a fun way for your little one to interact both with you and other Waddlers! *Waddlers must be able to walk on their own. An adult is required to accompany each child throughout this 45 minute class. $30 GymKids Waddlers Class Fee includes class shirt, end-of-year award and ceremony, and themed supplies.