Tumble Team/ Elite (Inactive)

Level: Gymnastics - Exhibition Teams

ChampionsTX is proud to be one of the few gyms is Central Texas to offer a true exhibition team program. These are for athletes who love gymnastics, desire more advanced skills and longer workouts, want to perform in front of audiences, and are willing and able to commit to a team and a schedule that will allow each team to look their very best when they perform and hold team bonds. These Exhibition Teams provide girls with opportunity to showcase skills in a different, fun, exciting way. Each team is built with age, ability, and friends in mind. Show Teams are also a fraction of the financial and time commitment of competitive teams. Aside from Team Parties, goal challenges, and performances, at the end of the year, they also all have a Recital & Trophy Celebration! Teams are invitation only, email Teams@ChampionsTX.com for more information! Each exhibition team has their own group floor routine that is performed at exhibitions, done to music and are choreographed to include tumbling, acrobatic partner work, and gymnastics dance elements. These routines are fun and exciting to watch! The number of performances increases with the team level, and are a wonderful way to increase athlete’s confidence and team spirit! During practices the teams practice this routine and work on all events: floor, vault, bars, and beam.

Elite Team 4th-5th $170/month Tuition $166 Team Fee


*Exhibition Team Fee includes team uniform (varies by team), scrunchie, team shirt, team parties, end-of-year team trophy and ceremony, three other performances over the year, team photos, end-of-year video, and MySkillsChart subscription.