Charlotte Class: Allstar level 4, Tue, 7:30pm

Instructor(s): Monta Achi, Stick Aaron

Level: Intermediate

Standing: Tuck & Jump Back Handspring to tuck
Running: Round Off Back Handspring Layout

Description- Learning, perfecting, and conditioning the required level 4 skills with great technique in order to set up a strong foundation for Level 5 Restricted.

Athletes should acquire most of the skills on checklist with great technique in order to be considered for All Star Level 5 Restricted Classes.

Progression check list

⁃        2 Back Handsprings to Tuck
⁃        Jump 2 Back Handsprings to Tuck
⁃        Back Handspring Tuck Jump Back Handspring Tuck
⁃        T-Jump Tuck

⁃        Front Walkover to Layout
⁃        Punch Front Step Out and or Whip to Layout
⁃        Front Handspring Front to Layout
⁃        Round Off Back Handspring Layout Step Out

*Minor focus in Standing Back Handsprings to Layout/Jump Tuck training with form, technique and speed.
*Minor focus in Twisting technique and form.
*Minor focus in Jump training and strengthening.