Flexibility Class (Wednesday 6:30-7)

Instructor(s): Brittani Su'apa'ia, Emily Taylor

Time to be FLEXIBLE as never before – Time to go for STRETCHING CLASS!

Welcome to CheerForce Flexibility and Stretching class, providing you with the very latest techniques in flexibility and stretching. 

The benefits of stretching exercises are endless; they help in injury prevention, better muscle coordination, improved posture, enhance sports performance, increased range of motion, as well as, overall greater mental health.

Flexibility and Stretching class will provide you with a broad spectrum of practical knowledge and exercises in the field of stretching and flexibility so that you can apply them directly to your routine life. Flexibility is a major fitness component that is often absent in most programs because of which most people suffer from tight muscles or get injured during exercise because they are not flexible enough to perform workout regularly. As we age, we lose our flexibility and the only way to prevent our muscles from stiffening is to actively and regularly stretch and employ a stretching routine that keeps our bodies at an ideal level of flexibility.

Flexibility training is often the least understood of all of the components of fitness. At CheerForce we provide you with safe and effective flexibility exercises that strengthen your body. 

Flexibility and Stretching class introduces various techniques of flexibility training as well as techniques that are especially designed to improve your range of movement. We provide you with everything from regular warm up routines to specific stretches to help improve specific moves, as well as, whole body sequences.

Effective stretching exercises introduced in this class are essential for preventing a wide array of injuries. Knowing how to prevent an injury is invaluable, which is why we provide you comprehensive stretching and flexibility training with a focus on avoiding injury.

We are a company that cares about you, your emotions, your fitness, your well-being, your goals, and your future!