Ballet II

Instructor(s): Nikia Jackson

Level: Intermediate

For students  who have completed Ballet I.  This class meets once per week for one hour.   Students expand their understanding of basic ballet technique and continue to develop a foundation for strength and proper alignment. 

Attire- Black leaotard, flesh tone tights & tan canvas ballet shoe 

Ballet is one of the most disciplined forms of dance and is the foundation for a strong dance education. CCAC provides training to students grades K – 12, utilizing the most current standards of ballet training.   The techniques taught in CCAC Ballet classes fuse grace, poise and musicality being demonstrated through leaps, turns, jumps and fluid movements. Ballet classes will help dancers with posture, flexibility, balance, self-discipline, and self confidence. Students are placed in classes according to their skill level.

Length: 14 Classes

Location: Market Street Studio