Instructor(s): Vernell Mincey

Level: Beginner

Private instruction, group classes, performance classes, improvisation workshops, ensemble playing, and artist residencies taught by established professionals all help students become fluent musicians. Students enrolled in private instruction receive a weekly 30-45 minute lessons on a musical instrument.

Lessons focus on efficient practice habits, reading musical notation, theory, chords, composition, critical listening, expression, memorization, ear training, developing performance skills, and building solid technique. An appropriate instructional level is determined by the instructor. Students should bring a tape recorder and notebook to lessons.

All students must have an appropriate instrument for daily practice. Instruments may be rented for a nominal fee from a local vendor. Piano students without an instrument and students in need of rehearsal space may make arrangements to practice at CCAC. Practice studios are reserved with the Registrar 2-3 days in advance.