Vocal Improvisation

Instructor(s): Noelle Picara

Level: Beginner

Circle Songs is a community singing practice developed by Bobby McFerrin.  Circle singing is founded on the idea that everyone is born with an innate understanding of music, and that singing together in a circle is a way to build community: one of the oldest human practices across cultures. People with all levels of singing experience can work together to create vocal music without language.  Individuals use simple improvisational techniques to express their own voices and be supported by the group.  Although there is a facilitator, there is no hierarchy; in singing together as a group, we learn to listen to each other and work together in a collaborative way.  Because each circle song is spontaneous, there is no pre-planned music, no right or wrong, and each circle song is unique in that moment in time.  
Click here for a video of Bobby leading a large circle song.

About Circle Songs Wilmington:
Noelle Picara began Circle Songs Wilmington in August, 2017.  We have been meeting in Brandywine Park on Monday nights (6 events so far).  You can view our Facebook Group here, currently with 42 members.  The News Journal reported on our circle songs event in September, which you can watch here.  Ideally, I would like Circle Songs Wilmington to be a way to help empower people to trust in the importance of their own voices, and to build community by bringing together people from various backgrounds and areas of the city.  
About Noelle Picara:
Noelle Picara has taught voice, music, and dance for 13 years both in Germany and in Wilmington, Delaware.  Since 2011, she has been a choir and musical theater teacher at the Tatnall School.  She has performed regularly as a singer/songwriter and pianist in the local Wilmington music scene, at venues such as the Queen, the Grand Opera House, and the Shipley Lofts, and she volunteers with Network Delaware in community organizing.  In 2017 she produced several "artivism" events at the Ladybug Festival and the Wilmington art loop to promote funding for the arts in Wilmington and arts education.  In 2016 Noelle began studying Circle Songs at the Omega Institute with Bobby McFerrin, and she is currently developing curriculum for teaching middle and high school choir from a basis of group improvisation.
Length: 14 Classes

Location: Loperby Gallery 

* This is a weekly drop in class, the full tuition amount is $140. Students paying per week MUST still enroll. Must pay for first class at time of enrollment.