Advanced Trampoline and Tumbling 1-4

Instructor(s): Classic Staff

Level: Advanced


All Trampoline and Tumbling Classes:

The class focuses on the tumbling aspects of gymnastics.  By working on progressions on Tumble Trak, Trampoline and the Spring Floor, your athlete will improve their coordination, increase motor skills and develop strength and flexibility important not only to gymnastics, but other sports as well.  Great as a single class, or as an addition to a current class.


Advanced Trampoline and Tumble Classes:

Students continue  to learn new skills on Trampoline, Tumble Trak and Spring Floor.  Building upon skills learned in Beginner and Intermediate Trampoline and Tumbling, this class continues to challenge students.  Connection of tumbling and trampoline skills and transferring mastered trampoline skills to the Spring Floor is focused on, as well as new skill achievement.  The student must have completed a Intermediate Tramp and Tumble class to advance to this level or have been evaluated by our Classic Staff. 

This class is not available online due to the prerequisite required.