Pre Cadet (Inactive)

Level: Advanced

Pre Cadet is a 90 minute all boys class that focuses on trampoline gymnastics.   The future acrobats in this program will develop skills that will set them up to be successful in any acrobatic sport.  If competitive trampoline, snowboarding, skiing, diving, or any other acrobatic sport is likely in your child’s future, help them build a strong foundation now.  Safety is the top priority in this program using an endless number of progressions to develop skills and a keen air sense.  Pre Cadet puts more emphasis on flexibility and physical development which enables athletes to perform at a higher level.  Children will develop their strength by doing physical conditioning exercises that are appropriate for their age.  The focus in Pre Cadet is developing tumbling fundamentals such as cartwheel, handstand, & dive roll as well as basic trampoline and double-mini skills leading up to flips.  Participants must be evaluated by one of Club Aviva’s coaches or have previously completed Tumble Tyke 3 before joining Pre Cadet.

Session Cost:

$470 / 5 months (17 classes)