Playful Pair (Inactive)

Level: Beginner

Club Aviva’s Playful Pair classes are a great opportunity for parents and kids to learn and play in a safe environment.  Like all programs at Club Aviva the Playful Pair class targets your child’s gross motor development.  Each class starts with a 15 minute warm up that includes music & singing with an educational component such as shape and colour recognition.  Following the warm up our coaches will lead you and your child through three gymnastics circuits exploring equipment that introduces rolling, climbing, bouncing and balancing.  The circuits vary every two weeks to stimulate interest and to help introduce toddlers to a large variety of gross motor skills. These classes are offered several times throughout the week.  If you and your child are looking for a great activity to share don’t miss out on this one!

Session Cost

$330 / 5 months (18 classes)