Petite Pre Elite

Level: Advanced

Petite Pre Elite is a ninety minute class for advanced four to six year old girls who have completed all of the Tumble Tyke levels.  Petite Pre Elite is when development towards competitive gymnastics really gets started. Club Aviva has a strong philosophy that gymnastics should be fun at all levels.  Petite Pre Elite introduces a higher level of physical preparation and flexibility development without compromising a fun and engaging environment.  Each class starts with a warm up that includes practicing the splits and bridges. Throughout the program children will develop gymnastics fundamentals such as cartwheel, handstand, pullover, backbend, and many more. Children will develop their strength by doing physical conditioning exercises that are appropriate for their age.  Participants must be evaluated by one of Club Aviva’s coaches or have previously completed Tumble Tyke 3 or Youth 1 before joining Petite Pre Elite.

Session Cost:

$561 / 5 months (18 classes)