Little Leapers 1

Level: Beginner

Club Aviva’s Little Leapers program is the first level that preschool aged children participate by themselves (without parents). Club Aviva recognizes that this can be a tough transition for some children and parents therefore a gentle process of encouraging independence is used to motivate children to participate without mom/dad/guardian. The children learn the principles of listening, lining up, following circuits and taking direction. Each class starts with a fifteen minute warm up incorporating a variety of music, games, basic locomotion, word and shape recognition followed by stretches in a safe and playful setting. After warm up the coach will lead the class through three 10-minute circuits exploring climbing, swinging, jumping, rolling and balancing along the way. Circuits vary every two weeks with different gymnastics apparatus and skills to stimulate interest. This program is designed to promote spatial orientation and coordination while introducing children to appropriate class participation and listening skills.

Session Cost:

$330 / 5 months (18 classes)