Tumble Tyke 2

Level: Intermediate

The Tumble Tyke 2 program is for children ages five and six who have completed Tumble Tyke 1 or have previous gymnastics experience. Each class starts with a fifteen minute educationally based warm up that incorporates a variety of activities such as word and shape recognition, basic locomotion, games and music.  Most of the warm ups are structured as parallel play activities to encourage social interaction and class participation.  The warm up is followed by stretches in a safe and playful setting. After warm up your coach will lead the class through 3 circuits exploring climbing, tumbling, swinging, and balancing. Throughout the class children will be introduced to basic strength and flexibility development in a fun way!  Watch your child’s ability soar as they build onto skills developed in Tumble Tyke 1!  

Session Cost:

$400 / 5 months (18 classes)