Theatre Performance Package : Level 3 (ages 9-19) Fall & Spring 2017-18

Level: Intermediate

32 Week Program

Ages 9-19

Musical Theatre Performance Package Level III is for the experienced theatre student who has had previous dance experience and who desires to advance their professional theater skill-sets by training in the necessary dance styles.  This package will challenge students with intermediate/advanced training in Ballet, Jazz, and Tap.  In addition to the technical portion of each class, students will learn choreography combinations in preparation for the upcoming season of productions at TCH.  In order to enroll in this package, students must have completed Musical Theatre Dance 2 with advancement or have staff approval.

This package includes

-Tap (level determined by placement)

-Ballet (level determined by placement)

-Jazz (level determined by placement)


All packages are constructed to better accommodate the schedule and vital skill set development of theater or musical theater students.  Education in the 3 core areas of Acting, Movement Technique and Vocal Development is essential for those that want to excel in the performing arts.  A promotional price for this new offering is a 12% savings over the standard 4 unit rate.

$198 per month