Ballet 5 w/ Pointe (ages 9+): Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu/Sat, Fall & Spring 2017/18 (Inactive)

Level: Advanced

Prerequisite: Completed at least one year in Ballet 4 and approved to move up.

This class is designed for the advanced- intermediate student. Ballet 5 dancers will be challenged to handle more difficult combinations at a faster pace.  Center work will include more advanced turning and jumping exercises.  At this level, pointe class is mandatory.  Young men at this level begin to perform steps and combinations that are specially designed for the male dancer.  Most students will spend a minimum of two years at this level.

Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu/Sat: Ballet

Mon/Tue/Wed: Pointe

Thu: Pilates & Conditioning


Female Students: All female students in this class must have A TEAL TCH Camisole Leotard. If you do not have and need this leotard, please follow this link to place your order: (Please see sizing chart.) Uniform_Sizing_Chart.pdf

Male Students: All male students in this class must wear a White tight fitting T-shirt, black tights or jazz pants, and black ballet shoes. 

$66 per month per hours of class in a week (Please refer to tuition chart.)