Modern 2 (ages 10+): Mon/Wed, Fall & Spring 2017/18 (Inactive)

Level: Intermediate

Prerequisite: Successfully passed Modern 1 or by teacher approval.

Enrollment in Ballet 2 or higher is required.

This class emphasizes students' acquisition of intermediate movement skills and refined motor control through the study of Horton modern techniques. Students will also be introduced to the Graham technique. Modern 2 is for those dance students who demonstrate an intermediate level of dance technique and an interest in exploring dance movement as a creative and expressive art form.  Concurrent enrollment in Ballet 3 or a higher level is required.

Female Student Dress Code: Colored uniform leotard, black or pink tights, no shoes required. Optional: Solid colored black fitted capris over tights; no cut offs. Hair pulled away from the face and NEATLY swept into a bun or ponytail.

Male Student Dress Code: White tight fitting T-shirt, black jazz pants, no shoes required.

$130 per month (Please see tuition chart.)