Modern 3 (ages 10+): Mon/Wed, Fall & Spring 2017/18 (Inactive)

Level: Advanced

Prerequisite: Successfully passed Modern 2 or by teacher approval.

Concurrent enrollment in Ballet 2 or higher is required.

Designed for the advanced dancer, Modern III will challenge students with exercises and choreography to broaden their movement vocabulary and physical endurance. Emphasis is given to a wider range of modern styles and exercises. Students learn to take responsibility for their personal health and to care for their dance instrument. It is likely that students will spend a minimum of two years at this level.  Concurrent enrollment in Ballet Level 3 or higher is required.


Female Student Dress Code: Colored uniform leotard, black or pink tights, no shoes required. Optional: Solid colored black fitted capris over tights; no cut offs. Hair pulled away from the face and NEATLY swept into a bun or ponytail.

Male Student Dress Code: White tight fitting T-shirt, black jazz pants, no shoes required.

$130 per month (Please see tuition chart.)