Tap 3 (ages 10+): Mon, Fall & Spring 2017/18 (Inactive)

Level: Advanced

Prerequisite: Successfully passed Tap 2 or by teacher approval.

Students will continue perfecting material from Tap I and Tap II as they concentrate on tonal quality, accenting, shading and clustering, syncopation, and picking up by sight. Steps covered will include Flash steps, Wings, Double Pull Backs, Cincinnati and Time steps. It is likely that students will spend a minimum of two years at this level.

Female Student Dress Code: Colored uniform leotard or black leotard, solid colored black jazz pants or capris and black oxford tap shoes. Hair pulled away from the face and NEATLY swept into ponytail or bun.

Male Student Dress Code: Black or white tight fitting T-shirt, black jazz pants and black oxford tap shoes.

$66 per month for each hour of class (Please see tuition chart.)