Improv 202 (ages 9-12): Thurs, Spring 2018 (Inactive)

Level: Beginner

For students graduating from Improv 101...

We are teaming up with our friends at Comedy City to incorporate our new improv curriculum at TCH! Learn the basic concepts of Improvisation. Listening, trust, and teamwork are all skills that are vital to becoming a skilled Improvisor.  Fun and interactive exercises and workshop games make this course a great addition to anyone seeking to sharpen their acting skills and develop confidence as a performer. We want the student to learn that the “funny” comes with preparedness, a sharp intellect and a vivid imagination. Improvisation is a skill that all directors look for when casting shows. It is a coveted skill and one all performers should be trained in. THIS CLASS WILL HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO PERFORM AN END OF THE YEAR SHOWCASE AT COMEDY CITY!!

$66 per month for each hour of class (Please see tuition chart.)