Musical Theatre Dance 1 (ages 9-20): Thurs, Spring 2018

Level: Beginner

This course serves theatre students by providing them with the experience of learning many dance steps and routines commonly used in auditions and productions. Students will work on physical areas such as: their posture, coordination, and confidence related to developing and portraying unique and defined characters. If you want to be a successful musical theatre performer, dance training is a MUST!

***This class is also offered as a part of Performance Package Level 1. ***

$66 per month (Please see tuition chart.) 

Girls: Black leotard, solid colored black jazz pants, capris, or tights (black or pink), black jazz shoes. Hair pulled away from the face and NEATLY swept into ponytail or bun. No bare midriff allowed.

Boys: Black or white tight fitting T-shirt, black jazz pants, black jazz shoes.