Ballet 6 w/ Pointe & Classical Variations (ages 9+): Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu/Sat, Fall & Spring 2018/2019

Level: Advanced

Prerequisite: Completed at least one year in Ballet 5 and approved to move up.

Ballet 6 is our most advanced level of ballet offered. Students at this level must demonstrate technical proficiency and should be able to execute any and all movements asked of them. Dancers in this class refine their technique and begin mastering the performing skills and artistry required for professional companies. At this level, pointe class is mandatory. Classical variations are studied extensively, and dancers begin the study of partnering. Most students will spend a minimum of two years at this level.

Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu/Sat: Ballet

Mon/Tue/Wed: Pointe

Wed: Classical Variations/YAGP

Thu: Pilates & Conditioning


Female Students: All female students in this class must have A EGGPLANT TCH Camisole Leotard.
After registration, please visit our TCH Stage & Studio Store for a leotard, tights, and/or shoes (shoes are applicable only for younger student sizing). (Call 913-291-1972 for in store availability.) You can also order a uniform (if one is needed) via our order form link: Dance Uniform Order Form please note the size required, and the size of tights and shoes for Creative Movement, Ballet-Tap, Pre-Ballet Classes. (*See the Uniform Sizing Chart for size.) These will be available for pick-up 1-2 weeks after ordering (unless a backordering problem occurs).

Male Students: All male students in this class must wear a White tight fitting T-shirt, black tights or jazz pants, and black ballet shoes. 

$66 per month per hours of class in a week (Please refer to tuition chart.)