Hip Hop 3 (ages 12+): Sat, Fall & Spring 2018-2019

Level: Advanced

Prerequisite: Successfully passed Hip Hop 2 or by teacher approval.

This class builds upon skills learned in Hip Hop 1 and Hip Hop 2 and continues to teach rhythm, coordination, musicality, and hip hop choreography without suggestive music/movements. Students are challenged to think on their feet while enjoying an energetic and fast-paced dance class. Our Hip Hop dancers develop focus, strength, and agility while having fun. This class is an incredible workout and students will be pushed to the max!

Dress Code: Baggy, loose-fitting tops and pants with sneakers. Baggy sweat pants or basketball shorts that are past the knees are preferred. Ladies need to wear a leotard underneath shirt. No bare midriff allowed. No black soled shoes allowed on dance floor!!! Jeans, jean shorts, sandals, flip-flops, soccer shorts, and booty shorts are strictly prohibited.  

$99 per month (Please refer to tuition chart)