Jazz 1 (ages 8+): Wed, Fall & Spring 2018-2019

Level: Beginner

It is STRONGLY recommended that Jazz students be enrolled in a Ballet class.

This energetic class consists of foundational jazz dance elements including; counting & timing, directional changing, spotting, body alignment, contractions, isolations, jumps, turns and combinations. Dancers will also experience center core strengthening and stretching.

Female Student's Dress Code: Colored uniform leotard or black leotard, solid colored black jazz pants, capris, or tights (black or pink), black jazz shoes. Hair pulled away from the face and NEATLY swept into ponytail or bun. No bare midriff allowed.

Male Student's Dress Code: Black or white tight fitting T-shirt, black jazz pants, black jazz shoes.

$66 per month for each hour of class (Please see tuition chart.)