Acting 2+ NEW! (ages 9-14): Thu, Fall & Spring 2019/20

Level: Intermediate

NEW! Acting 2+

Thursdays, 6:30-8:00

Ages 9-14

Prerequisite: Passed Acting 2 (9-14) and/or School Director approval.

This class is a continuation of the spring 2018 Acting 2 (9-14) class and is designed for the young, dedicated actor. As the actor grows and develops his/her skill, they will be introduced to new techniques and a more advanced set of acting tools. The student will learn a wide variety of warm-ups, continue basic character analysis, and continue to explore objectives and obstacles in scene and monologue work. Theatre exercises and exploration will be used to stimulate and challenge the growing actor. The extended time will allow students to engage in more in depth character work and scene study. ***This class is also offered as a part of Performance Package Level 2. ***