Ballet 1 (7+): Mon/Wed, Fall & Spring 2016/17 (Inactive)

Level: Beginner

This class is for students beginning their formal dance training who are ready to learn more of the technical aspects and skills associated with ballet. This class will teach the fundamentals of ballet with an emphasis in proper technique and discipline. Ballet vocabulary will be introduced. Students should be no younger than 7 years old. Most students spend a minimum of two years in this level.

Female Students: All female students in this class must have A LIGHT BLUE TCH Tank Leotard. If you need to order one, please contact April via with leotard size, quantity, and child's name to be billed and collected when signing up for this class.  (Please see sizing chart.) Uniform_Sizing_Chart.pdf

$66 per month for each hour of class (Please see tuition chart.)