Ballet 2 (9+): Tue/Thu, Fall & Spring 2016/17 (Inactive)

Level: Intermediate

Prerequisite: Completed two years in Ballet 1 and approved to move up.

For the student who has spent at least two school years in Ballet 1 and has mastered all concepts of that class. Ballet 2 will build on the fundamentals of Ballet 1 while introducing more vocabulary and more complex movements and structure. Most students will spend a minimum of two years at this level.

Female Students: All female students in this class must have A VIOLET TCH Camisole Leotard. If you need one, please contact us via email at with leotard quantity and size to be billed and collected when signing up for this class.   (Please see sizing chart.) Uniform_Sizing_Chart.pdf

$66 per month for each hour of class (Please refer to tuition chart.)