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The Early Bird Membership offer ends this Friday!  Don't forget to purchase your annual family $50 membership and get access to these amazing benefits.

*Priority registration for GYMNASTICS and NINJA grand opening session and summer classes and summer camps!
*Priority registration for our "Going for the Gold" gymnastics or ninja birthday parties honoring the 2020 Summer Games!
*Priority invitation to competitive team tryouts!
*Access to members only swag!
*Invitation to the exclusive, members only Open Gym Pre-Opening Party! Date TBD.
*Be the first to know of community events we will be attending!  You will be a part of our family so we want you there to celebrate this exciting journey!
*Membership activation dates will be adjusted to reflect the start date of your child's first class or camp.

The class schedule will be released in the spring of 2020.  Classes will be held 7 days per week so there should be a day and time that fits your needs! 

Grand opening session and summer class session fees are listed below.  Fees listed are for one class per week.  A 10% discount is applied to the monthly tuition for siblings or additional classes.

Seeds I, II: Ages 9-36 months; 45 minutes; $87/month
Seedlings: Age 3; 45 minutes; $93/month
Sprouts: Age 4; 45 minutes; $93/month
Buds: Kindergarten (ages 5-6); 60 minutes; $109/month
Beginner Blooms: 1st-5th grade; 60 minutes; $109/month
Intermediate/Advanced Blooms: 1st-5th grade; 75 minutes; $114/month
Blossoms: 6th grade and up; 75 minutes; $114/month
Cheer & Dance Tumble: Ages 7 & up; 60 minutes; $109/month
Ninja I: Ages 4-6; 45 minutes; $93/month
Ninja II/III: Ages 7-14; 60 minutes; $109/month
Competitive Team: please inquire via email
To complete your registration for the Early Bird Membership, carefully read and follow instructions below.
  • Log in or create a new account.
  • Agree to the policies and sign the electronic signature. 
  • Add your student(s).
  • Go to the 'Classes' tab on the left panel.
  • Click 'Enroll Now' to the right of the class labeled "Pre-Register (Before Opening)". This is not a real class but is needed to apply the membership fee.
  • Drop down to 'select a student' who you wish to enroll (you only need to register one student, as you will receive a "$50 Annual Family Membership" for the entire family).
  • Click "continue enrollment" on the bottom right.
  • Click "add to cart" on the bottom right.
  • Click "proceed to checkout" on the bottom right.
  • Click "continue" on the bottom right.
  • Drop down to select your form of payment (credit/debit card), and click "submit payment" on the bottom right.

From there, you're all set!  

Stay tuned for news and updates!